The 20 most impressive physiques in WWE history

#20 Lance Storm

Lance Storm is highly regarded as one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time. At just shorter than 6-feet tall, Storm didn’t exactly fit the mold for an industry dominated by larger-than-life competitors. Yet, he honed his craft and worked hard to balance his outmatched size with impressive physical conditioning.

The Canadian Superstar’s training and physique gave him an edge against competitors, as he managed to gain the endurance and agility necessary to battle everyone from highfliers like Rey Mysterio to powerhouses such as Albert. Storm built an impressive resume in ECW, WCW and WWE, becoming a multi-time tag team champion as well as a U.S. and an Intercontinental Champion.

Even today, the Calgary, Alberta–native maintains his perfect conditioning to train the next generation of Superstars at his Storm Wrestling Academy. (READ MORE)