20 memorable Superstar debuts

#20 Big Show

The World’s Largest Athlete is a unique case when it comes to discussing memorable first appearances. In his first match ever at WCW Halloween Havoc 1995 — his sports-entertainment debut — Big Show defeated Hulk Hogan to claim the WCW World Championship. Defeating The Hulkster for a major championship is nothing to overlook, but Big Show’s WWE debut a little more than three years later is much more impressive in terms of overall impact.

At St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1999, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin battled his arch nemesis, Mr. McMahon, inside a steel cage. The battle itself was a grudge match between The Chairman, who one month earlier won the Royal Rumble Match to earn a WWE Title opportunity, but relinquished it to the runner-up — Austin. As the chaotic aftermath of the Rumble unfolded, Big Show was still in WCW and had been kicked out of The nWo because they did not have a place for him. Little did the WWE Universe know, Big Show was scheming against Austin with Mr. McMahon.

After what seemed like a final Stone Cold Stunner to The Chairman, The Texas Rattlesnake continued to taunt his boss. With Austin distracted, Big Show ripped through the ring canvas and climbed into the steel cage. The World’s Largest Athlete — a WCW competitor less than a month earlier — immediately targeted Austin.

It seemed that “Stone Cold’s” days were numbered, until The World’s Largest Athlete picked up The Texas Rattlesnake and tossed him to the steel cage, breaking open the construct and allowing Austin to escape with the win. Although Big Show’s appearance was startling, his first action inadvertently cost Mr. McMahon the match.