20 memorable Superstar debuts

#6 The Wyatt Family

After weeks of creepy videos and mysterious messages to the WWE Universe, The Wyatt Family finally — and destructively — arrived in WWE on the July 8, 2013, episode of Raw, mere seconds after Kane defeated Christian in a hard-fought match.

Following Bray Wyatt's ominous TitanTron address, he and his enormous, imposing followers — Erick Rowan and Luke Harper — emerged, lit only by flickering candlelight. Then Wyatt blew out the flame, casting Baltimore's 1st Mariner Arena into pitch blackness.

Photos: The Wyatts arrive

When the lights came up, Rowan and Harper brutally attacked The Devil's Favorite Demon in the ring. As Wyatt eerily watched from a rocking chair at ringside, his sycophants battered the big man with their fists and, eventually, the steel steps, leaving the former WWE Champion in a heap and in need of medical attention.

The Wyatt Family's shocking debut and dismantling of Kane leave more questions than answers. One thing, however, is certain: These unhinged individuals are poised to make a major impact in WWE.