The 20 greatest WCW matches of all time

#20 Sting vs. Diamond Dallas Page — Nitro, April 26, 1999

In the six years that WCW Monday Nitro served as the Atlanta-based organization’s flagship program, there were a great number of high profile contests that were tainted due to outside interference. However, one contest that stands out among the rest — and ultimately the only Nitro match on this list — came as WCW’s popularity started to decline. On April 26, 1999, Sting challenged Diamond Dallas Page for the WCW World Championship.

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The battle between two of the most popular WCW competitors of all time was a truly memorable moment among the chaos that was unraveling in the WCW front offices. But don’t think this was some technical classic. The match quickly degraded into an all-out brawl as DDP and The Stinger taunted each other and exchanged blows in the center of the ring to start the match.

As the action spilled in and out of the ring, neither legendary grappler maintained an advantage in the contest. It was a thrilling back-and-forth war, but the true highlight of the contest was that there was no outside interference. Instead, two of WCW’s finest waged war in an effort to determine the champion. The uninterrupted contest finally came to an end when Sting countered the Diamond Cutter into a Scorpion Death Drop to win his fifth WCW Title.