The 20 greatest WCW matches of all time

#3 Goldberg vs. Diamond Dallas Page — Halloween Havoc 1998

It’s hard to believe that thousands of pay-per-view customers missed the main event of Halloween Havoc 1998 because WCW ran out of broadcast time. By some cruel twist of fate, fans did get to watch the disastrous WrestleMania VI rematch between The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan, only to see their screens go black just as Diamond Dallas Page prepared to lock up with undefeated WCW Champion Goldberg in what was the best match in the October event’s 11-year span.

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The battle was not about WCW against The nWo, it was simply about the WCW World Title. The two gladiators shared a mutual respect for one another and DDP believed he could capture the championship and end Goldberg’s undefeated streak. Pitting Goldberg’s raw strength against Page’s resiliency, WCW treated its fans to an ultra-competitive battle that highlighted the importance of the WCW Championship.

But because the bout between Hollywood Hogan and The Warrior dragged on, pay-per-view providers ended the broadcast at 11 p.m. — just as the World Title Match got underway. The next evening on Monday Nitro, WCW apologized for the broadcast mishap and aired the entire bout for free. Goldberg retained the title, but the real victory went to the WCW fans that didn’t order the pay-per-view but still got to watch the epic confrontation.