The 20 coolest tattoos in WWE history

20. Hornswoggle | Tattoo: Muppet characters | Location: Various parts of body

Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, BunsenandBeaker, the list goes on …

It's hard to separate one of Hornswoggle's many Muppet tattoos from the larger whole, but they're all pretty impressive and fitting tributes to Jim Henson's fuzzy, lovable gang. Hornswoggle has spent hours upon hours under the needle at The Body Shop in Appleton, Wisc., to honor the Muppets with inked portraits, all of which include colorful details. (PHOTOS)

"My love of the Muppets really started when I was young and first saw 'Muppet Babies' and then a show called 'Muppets Tonight,' " Hornswoggle told when he added Gonzo to his tat collection in 2011.

The mischievous grappler has admitted he's spent "thousands of dollars" on Muppet merchandise over the years in addition to his growing list of Muppet tattoo tributes. Now that's dedication.