What a maneuver! 15 moves that really exist

Airplane Spin

Once a staple of sports-entertainment, the Airplane Spin now exists solely as cheesy sitcoms’ go-to move whenever they decide to mock the squared circle. Back in the day, however, the spin was a risky, yet effective maneuver.

By lifting one’s opponent up in a fireman’s carry and spinning in circles like a hyperactive child, the executor of the move hoped to throw off his adversary’s equilibrium enough to end the match a little earlier than expected. More often than not, though, both grapplers ended up stumbling around in a dizzy stupor.

One of the most famous incidents involving the Airplane Spin included Muhammad Ali. The cocky world champion boxer stepped into the ring with Gorilla Monsoon following one of the WWE Hall of Famer’s matches. Ali threw a few jabs in Monsoon’s direction, which did nothing more than anger the massive Superstar. Gorilla, tired of playing around, grabbed Ali and lifted him up for his trademark Airplane Spin. The dizzy boxer stumbled away from the ring as Monsoon stood tall. (WATCH)