What a maneuver! 15 moves that really exist

Sugar Hold

It may sound like candy, but the Sugar Hold will do anything but satisfy a sweet tooth. Mythically practiced by Stu Hart in his legendary Dungeon training center, the Sugar Hold’s origins are unclear, but it might have been invented by the Hart patriarch himself. The WWE Hall of Famer was known for developing unique submissions to induce even his toughest students to cry in aguish while their lips became a stomach-churning shade of blue.

The Sugar Hold application begins as a typical full nelson, but the competitor executing the hold forces his opponent face down on the canvas, then presses his knees into the upper back. With his entire body wrenching in pain and without the use of any limbs, the opponent is forced to concede the matchup as all but won.

Despite being an excruciatingly arduous maneuver, the Sugar Hold has mostly been lost to time as other submissions gained further prominence. Stevie Richards briefly revived a version of the hold as his Rat Trap while competing weekly on the program he referred to as “Stevie Night Heat,” but we might be waiting forever if we hope to see the Sugar Hold on Raw one day. (WATCH)