What a maneuver! 15 moves that really exist


You know that old saying, “It takes two to tango.” For great tag team wrestling, though, it takes four to fight. The Road Warriors’ Doomsday Device, The Hart Foundation’s Hart Attack and The Dudley Boyz’s 3D are some of the most impactful maneuvers used to finish off duos in WWE history. Yet some of the most innovative tandem moves have long been abandoned due to the evolving nature of tag team competition.

No longer do tandems set sail on the open seas to row the boat, but in the early 1990s and prior, duos would take advantage of their prone opponents. With all four competitors seated in the ring creating a star-like shape, one team would grab the legs of the other and, in a measured and rhythmic motion, yank hard several times. (WATCH)

The Rowboat isn’t quite evocative of floating down a lazy river at your local water park. Rather, this maneuver is as devastating as attempting to navigate white water rapids. If current Tag Team Champion Kane were to attempt this hold, however, we think he might need a bigger boat.