What a maneuver! 15 moves that really exist

Ring post Figure-Four

Bret Hart might be known for cinching countless opponents in the Sharpshooter, but his variation of the fabled Figure-Four Leglock might be even more debilitating, if not more creative. With the opponent on his back in a corner, “Hit Man” hopped out of the ring and applied the Figure-Four around the pole, using the ring post for leverage. The Excellence of Execution hung upside-down and his head rested on the floor at ringside while his opponent writhed in pain.

Similar to the Tarantula, the hold often had to be broken because of a rope break. Yet it successfully weakened Hart’s greatest rivals, including Shawn Michaels and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

In the only singles match between Hart and The Rock on WWE television, “Hit Man” challenged for Rocky’s Intercontinental Championship. However, the stubborn Hall of Famer, deciding at that point in time that he cared more about inflicting punishment than winning the title, refused to let go of the hold. “Hit Man” was disqualified, but the damage had been done. (WATCH)