15 Superstars who should've been bigger deals

Magnum TA

In 1984, Hulk Hogan began his meteoric rise to fame after defeating The Iron Sheik to win the WWE Championship. At the same time, a wildly popular competitor named Magnum TA was starting to cause a stir down south in Jim Crockett Promotions.

The mustachioed grappler’s climb was due in part to his gripping rivalry with The Four Horsemen — specifically Tully Blanchard. During an unforgettable run from ’84 through ’86, Magnum TA became one of the greatest United States Champions of all time while his brutal “I Quit” Match with Blanchard at Starrcade 1985 set a new standard for physicality in profession wrestling.

With the coveted NWA World Championship in his sights, Magnum TA was dealt a cruel hand in 1986. A freak and nearly fatal car accident ended the promising star’s career and left him temporarily paralyzed. Southern wrestling’s hot new hero never wrestled again, but he did recover from the worst of the accident and appeared regularly on commentary. Still, fate left many fans wondering, “Where would professional wrestling be if Magnum TA had become a World Champion?” — K.P.