Sports-entertainment’s 15 most crushing losses

#15 Randy Orton cashes in on Daniel Bryan (SummerSlam 2013)

The sports-entertainment equivalent of a kick to the groin from a steel-toed boot, the conclusion of SummerSlam 2013 saw Daniel Bryan go from a conquering underdog to a bowl of chow in a matter of seconds when Randy Orton emerged to cash in his Money in the Bank contract on The Beard, who had ridden a near-unprecedented groundswell of fan support to flying-knee the WWE Title right off of John Cena's meaty waist.

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It was a sucker-punch Pedigree from guest ref (and, at that point, vocal Bryan advocate) Triple H that secured The Viper's prize and kick started the beginning of what we now know as The Authority. Of course, the better part of a year later, Bryan would get his glory when he beat Orton, Triple H and a returning Batista all in the same WrestleMania to become the undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but man, did that seem a long way off in August.