The 15 greatest T-shirts in wrestling history

#14 King Kong Bundy

If King Kong Bundy wasn’t a real man, a cartoonist would’ve created him. With his angry, bald face and bulging belly in black tights, the 450-pounder was exactly what you picture a professional wrestling villain to look like. So maybe that’s why Bundy’s image lent itself so perfectly to the animated counterpart on his T-shirt.

Taking a bit of artistic license with King Kong’s already larger-than-life build, the graphic aptly captured the immensity of the man who battled Hulk Hogan inside a steel cage at WrestleMania 2. Bundy, with his bulging eyes and rounded edges, appeared even more imposing in cartoon form while other Superstars came off looking like cheap caricatures. The only thing more impressive is the fact that WWE found a shirt to fit his Guinness-worthy girth.