The 15 greatest T-shirts in wrestling history

#15 Eddie Guerrero's "Latino Heat"

This Eddie Guerrero T-shirt may have been inspired by the 1983 classic “Scarface,” but don’t confuse Latino Heat with the film’s slimy crime lord Tony Montana. Guerrero may have wrestled by a dodgy code of lying, cheating and stealing, but the similarities between the former WWE Champion and the fictional kingpin end there.

The real crossover here is between Guerrero and the film’s star, Al Pacino. Possessing the same fiery charisma and genuine unpredictability in the ring that Pacino brought to the screen, Guerrero thrilled audiences while cheating and enraged them while smiling. It was all in their swagger — that rare ability to attract through movement. In his own way, the magnetic Superstar from El Paso, Texas, was a movie star in the squared circle. What better way to represent him than with a movie poster?