The 15 greatest Superstar entrances

#15 Goldust

This Superstar personified bizarre. Everything about him, from his unique ring attire to his unsettling behavior, creeped out competitors and fans alike. That all started with Goldust’s strange ring entrance.

Watch The Bizarre One's Backlot Brawl Watch the debut of Stardust on Raw

As The Bizarre One approached the ring, the arena took on a golden hue. Goldust’s opponents were made uneasy as he slowly neared the ring, clad in a glimmering robe. The unusual Superstar stepped in the squared circle and took off his brilliant coat before climbing the ropes. As Goldust removed his blond wig, gold confetti rained down on the WWE Universe as they wondered what the deal was with the gilded Superstar in front of them.

If everything else about him wasn’t enough to make people remember him, Goldust’s bizarre entrance ensured that they would never forget the name…