The 15 best WWE matches you've never seen

Andre the Giant & Giant Baba vs. Demolition: Tokyo Wrestling Summit, April 13, 1990

After he and Haku lost their World Tag Team Titles to Demolition at WrestleMania VI, Andre the Giant was rarely seen in a WWE ring. Nearly all of his appearances featured him aiding Superstars like The Bushwhackers outside the ring. All except one.

FULL MATCH: Andre & Haku vs. Demolition at WrestleMania VI

Just 12 days after WrestleMania VI, Andre the Giant set out for retribution on Ax & Smash. At WWE and All Japan Pro Wrestling’s joint “Wrestling Summit” event at the Tokyo Dome, Andre teamed with Japanese hero Giant Baba to take on the face-painted champions in a non-title bout.

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The two titans surprisingly dominated the champions. The normally heroic Demolition resorted to nefarious tactics to try and get whatever advantage they could. However, Andre & Baba used their size and power to muscle around Ax & Smash. All it took was a big boot from Baba and a giant-sized elbow drop from Andre to spell the end for the World Tag Team Champions. — BOBBY MELOK