14 Superstars you didn't know appeared in WWE

Kevin Sullivan

For more than two decades, Kevin Sullivan carved out a persona unlike anyone else in the wrestling industry, all of which happened following a modestly successful tenure in WWE. 

A stocky thug from the Boston area, Sullivan horrified fans in Florida when he began presenting himself as Satan incarnate. He went a different route in the 1980s in WCW, re-emerging as a tormenting jock alongside Mike Rotunda and Steve Williams in The Varsity Club. It came full circle for Sullivan in the mid-90s when he became “The Taskmaster” — the macabre leader of The Dungeon of Doom.

Sullivan was a key figure for WCW both in the ring and behind the scenes, which has led many to think he spent his entire career in Atlanta. In truth, the Massachusetts native started out with WWE in the mid-70s, batting the likes of Spiros Arion, Bruiser Brody and Ivan Koloff. Sullivan’s hard work and never-say-die attitude made him a WWE fan favorite — a situation he would rarely be in for the remainder of his career.