14 Superstars you didn't know appeared in WWE

Baron Von Raschke

“That is all the people need to know!”

Those words were long associated with Baron Von Raschke, one of the most ruthless individuals to have competed inside the squared circle. The master of the “Brain Claw,” Von Raschke’s main stomping grounds in his career were Verne Gagne’s American Wrestling Association as well as various National Wrestling Alliance territories, where he garnered a number of championships in both singles and tag team competition.

The Baron has long been thought of as a Midwestern staple, but he actually had two stints in the Northeast with WWE. In 1977, the ghastly German outraged WWE fans when he took their beloved WWE Champion, Bruno Sammartino, to the limit on a few occasions. The Baron returned again in 1988, successfully leading The Powers of Pain into battle against The Bolsheviks at SummerSlam.