14 Superstars you didn't know appeared in WWE


A darling of the indie set in the mid-90s, “Dangerous” Devon Storm built an east coast following thanks to a series of innovative barnburners against the likes of Sabu and 2 Cold Scorpio. After competing in WWE’s forgettable Light Heavyweight Title tournament, the New Jersey native found his greatest mainstream success in WCW alongside David Flair as the manic Crowbar. Discovered by Ric Flair’s son in a gas station, the gutsy flier captured the Cruiserweight, Hardcore and Tag Team Titles during his rewarding time with WCW.

Although he was not part of the infamous 2001 WCW invasion, Crowbar did turn up in WWE two years later in September 2003. Then spending much of his time working as a physical therapist, Crowbar re-emerged on the national wrestling scene with little fanfare as he struggled against Sean O’Haire on Velocity. After being completely obliterated by Scott Steiner on Sunday Night Heat, Crowbar quietly exited WWE.