14 Superstars you didn't know appeared in WWE

Tony Schiavone

At the height of the Monday Night War, veteran broadcaster Tony Schiavone’s voice was as vital to the onscreen product of World Championship Wrestling as Jim Ross’ Oklahoma growl was to WWE. First introduced to sports-entertainment fans as the host of the weekly Jim Crockett Promotions program on TBS, Schiavone became the lead announcer for WCW’s Nitro when it debuted in 1995.

But in 1989, in-between his stints with those two organizations, Schiavone occupied a seat at WWE’s announce table alongside Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Smooth and straightforward in his commentary, Schiavone handled play-by-play duties at both SummerSlam ’89 and Royal Rumble ’90. His time with WWE ended early that same year as he headed to WCW, where he would finish out his career as a sports-entertainment broadcaster.