10 absolute worst pay-per-view posters ever

#9 Backlash 2001

WrestleMania X-Seven was a turning point in sports-entertainment. At the conclusion of the main event, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin turned his back on the fans and aligned himself with longtime rival Mr. McMahon. Many regard the event as the official end of The Attitude Era, and the wrestling world was still reeling from WWE’s recent purchase of WCW.

The follow-up to the landmark event was Backlash 2001. The show was to feature a villainous Texas Rattlesnake, but Austin wasn’t on the poster. Neither were any WCW stars. Instead, there wasn’t just one image of Triple H, but two. What was supposed to be going on with the two Hunters was unclear, but it definitely didn’t represent one of the most significant periods of wrestling history.