10 absolute worst pay-per-view posters ever

#10 Great American Bash 2000

Comic book-style pay-per-view posters are great when they are done well. Look no further than the legendary Joe Jusko’s Royal Rumble 1991 poster. At the other end of the spectrum is arguably the worst example of an illustrated poster – WCW Great American Bash 2000.

Featuring renditions of Hulk Hogan, Sid Vicious and Vampiro, the poster looked more like a collection of bad New York City street caricatures than three serious competitors. And while the descriptions of Hogan and Sid are accurate, Vampiro is bizarrely described as a “Mysterious Shadow Warror.” 

With “A Battle of Heroic Proportions” emblazoned across the top, the poster makes it seem like Hogan, Sid and Vampiro are battling each other. In reality, Hogan faced Kidman at the event, Vampiro took on Sting and Sid was not even there.