10 moments you never expected to see in WWE

#8 Brock Lesnar returns to WWE

The night after John Cena fell to The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII, Cena wanted to congratulate The People’s Champ. However, it wasn’t The Rock who stepped into the ring to confront the Cenation leader. Instead, it was a WWE Superstar whose career began roughly around the same time as Cena’s, a former WWE Champion who had not been seen in sports-entertainment for eight years — Brock Lesnar.

The WWE Universe came unglued at The Anomaly’s surprise return. The freak athlete who had most recently dominated the mixed martial arts world was all but done with WWE and had given no hints that he planned on ever coming back. But there he was on Raw, blasting the Cenation leader with a powerful F-5. In the year that followed, the dangerous Superstar broke Shawn Michaels’ arm, sent Triple H into retirement and forced Mr. McMahon into surgery to replace his hip after an F-5.