Wrestling's pitbulls: The 10 most dangerous guys 5-foot-10 and under


Beat him if you could, survive if he let you. Hailing from the same Brooklyn, N.Y., neighborhood streets that bred gangsters Al Capone and Crazy Joe Gallo, Tazz packed plenty of fight in his small frame. Billed at only 5-foot-9, the 240-pound animal rose to prominence in the original ECW. “The Most Miserable Man on the Planet” became the pride of the organization’s notoriously rabid fanbase while claiming the only weapons he needed were his own two hands.

In 1995, The Human Suplex Machine broke his neck in a brutal tag match, and — to the shock of hospital staff — walked into the ER on his own accord. Hoisting rivals nearly twice his size, the Kings County native employed innovative maneuvers that became known as “Tazzplexes,” but it was a suffocating finisher that became his calling card. The Katahajime judo choke — or Tazzmission — was so debilitating, the hold popularized tapping out on the canvas well before the rise of MMA, making each of his opponents, “just another victim.” – ZACH LINDER

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