10 Superstars who were ahead of their time

Dynamite Kid

Chris Jericho once said “there is no one in the history of this business who wrestled as crisp, as mean, or as intense as Dynamite did.”

From his early time in Stampede Wrestling to his legendary matches with Tiger Mask in Japan to his WWE run alongside fellow Brit Davey Boy Smith, it was always apparent that Dynamite Kid’s in-ring work was on a whole different plane. Thirty years later, his revolutionary matches still stand the test of time. The 5-foot-8 fireball established proof that fantastic things could come in small packages, breaking the boundaries of what was believed possible for a performer of his stature.

Because of Dynamite Kid’s influence, there have been a number of performers in the junior heavyweight mold who have gotten the opportunity to thrive in sports-entertainment. The next time you watch Daniel Bryan launch off the top rope for a missile dropkick, you just might catch a glimpse of Dynamite.

-- Tom Herrera