The 10 most stunning personality changes

#10 Booker T to King Booker

As WCW Champion, Booker T led the charge during the WCW/ECW invasion in 2001. Although he eventually lost the title to The Rock, Booker T continued his career in WWE, winning the World Tag Team Titles, the Intercontinental Title and three U.S. Titles. In 2006, the five-time WCW Champion entered the King of the Ring Tournament and successfully joined the small fraternity of Superstars who have been crowned king.

Winning the tournament is an impressive accolade, but Booker T took the coronation seriously and transformed himself into King Booker. Wearing a crown, cape and speaking with a feigned British accent, Booker ruled over SmackDown with his royal court consisting of his wife, Queen Sharmell, Sir William Regal and Sir Finlay. Although Booker’s royal turn was comedic at times, it was certainly effective as he won his first World Heavyweight Championship soon after.