10 overlooked managers you need to know

The Jackyl

A sly yet charismatic visionary, The Jackyl first appeared before WWE fans in the late 1990s as the leader of a group of South African mercenaries known as The Truth Commission. Although the group’s overall impact was slight, The Jackyl emerged from the stable as a major player — a rarity for managers.

Watch The Jackyl describe the brutality of Kurrgan

Eventually glomming onto The Truth Commission’s most intimidating member — the massive and unstable Kurrgan — The Jackyl soon formed an entire band of social rejects he dubbed his Parade of Human Oddities. Lording over his freak show like some deranged carnival barker, the loudmouthed manager had one of the “Attitude Era’s” sharpest tongues before he eventually lost control of his charges. A relationship with The APA followed, but that too would sever, signaling The Jackyl’s exit from WWE.