10 Not-so-scary Superstars

The Yeti

For several years in the mid-1990s, WCW's most villainous force was the demonic Dungeon of Doom. Led by “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan and his father, The Wizard, their roster of baddies included champions like Big Van Vader and bizarre personas like Loch Ness. The one component this motley crew had in common was that they were committed to ridding WCW of Hulkamania once and for all.

Leading to Halloween Havoc 1995, Sullivan had alluded to The Dungeon’s “insurance policy” to guarantee The Giant would defeat Hulk Hogan for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. On the edition of Nitro before the event, an enormous figure burst out of a block of ice as the program went off the air. The identity of this monster was revealed at the conclusion of the pay-per-view’s main event. With utter carnage strewn about the ring, WCW fans got their first glimpse of the “man” called The Yeti as he made his way down the aisle.

Referring to this beast as “The Yet-ay,” WCW broadcaster Tony Schiavone surveyed the scene in shock as the towering monster climbed over the top rope and into the ring with ease. One might assume that a massive man called The Yeti recently thawed from a block of ice would resemble some sort of abominable snowman, but he was inexplicably dressed as some sort of Egyptian mummy.

Watch the absolutely ridiculous appearance of The Yeti in the ring

Things went from bad to worse as the intended crowned jewel of The Dungeon of Doom quickly became a laughingstock. With Hogan locked in a bear hug by The Giant, The Yeti decided to join in the fun by grabbing The Hulkster from behind and convulsing his entire body. “Look at the size of The Yet-ay!” Schiavone instructed. Bobby Heenan responded by proclaiming that we were witnessing “the end of Hulk Hogan.” In fact, we were witnessing the end of The Yeti. He made only one more pay-per-view appearance, this time dressed as a ninja and he was later appropriately renamed The Giant Super Ninja. Not so scary.