10 most stunning defections

Ric Flair: WCW to WWE

More than a year before Luger joined WWE, Mr. McMahon scored an even bigger coup when he signed not only one of WCW’s top competitors, but also their World Heavyweight Champion.

For weeks in summer and fall 1991, Bobby Heenan announced that the “real World Champion” — as opposed to WWE Champion Hulk Hogan — would soon be arriving in WWE. In a shocking moment, “The Brain” even brought the “Big Gold Title” to WWE programming and compared it and Hogan’s title to “ice cream and horse manure.”

Heenan finally brought Ric Flair to WWE on a September 1991 edition of Prime Time Wrestling. Entering to the familiar crescendo of “Also sprach Zarathustra,” Flair immediately made his intentions known: take down Hulkamania once and for all. “Naitch” kept his promise. He won the WWE Championship four months later by emerging victorious in the 1992 Royal Rumble Match. With or without Hogan in WWE, there was no denying Ric Flair had become “real World Champion.”