10 greatest wrestlers to never wrestle in WWE

#10 Magnum TA

Terry Allen had it all. Great looks, good wrestling skills and incredible fan support. Wrestling for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling in the mid-1980s, Allen, known as Magnum TA, rocketed to amazing heights and became the United States Champion. Many longtime wrestling fans remember the classic best-of-seven series that he and Nikita Koloff had for the vacant U.S. Title throughout the summer 1986. 

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But on Oct. 14, 1986, Magnum’s career was tragically cut short after a terrible car accident nearly took his life. If Magnum had the opportunity to have competed in WWE, there is no doubt that his star would have continued to rise. Individuals such as “Macho Man” Randy Savage or Jake “The Snake” Roberts could have easily complemented the hardnosed style that Magnum TA employed in the ring.