WWE's "Ace of Belts" Dave Millican's 10 favorite championship titles

“Winged Eagle” WWE Championship

“It’s hard to beat that classic ‘Winged Eagle,’ ” Millican declared. “It’s endured since it debuted in 1988.”

Created by Reggie Parks and held by every WWE Champion from “Macho Man” Randy Savage to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the design remains a favorite with WWE fans.

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“When there was buzz that there was going to be a new title, I was getting emails from fans saying, ‘Please tell me it’s at least a revamped ‘Winged Eagle,’ ” Millican said. “I personally love the belt. It’s an iconic design and people are still asking about it today.”

Although the title has become iconic, WWE’s original design requests were as simple as could be.

“The belt came about because [former WWE producer] Chief Jay Strongbow called Reggie and said, ‘We want a new title where the eagle consumes the main plate,’ ” Millican explained. “Reggie and the engraving company took it from there.”