10 dream matches that actually happened

Ricky Steamboat vs. Triple H: WCW Saturday Night (Sept. 3, 1994)

Triple H was so far away from being Triple H when he faced off with Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat in 1994 that he was still going by the nom de guerre Jean Paul Levesque. So forgive the Georgia families jockeying for butt space on the WCW Saturday Night bleachers if they failed to realize that they were watching the man who would be The King of Kings matching wits with a bona fide mat master.

Back then, the future D-Generation X leader was still cultivating an air of smarmy superiority as a Francophile with a debilitating Indian Death Lock. Yes, he had boundless promise, but Triple H wasn’t quite ready to keep pace with a Superstar that had already crafted genre defining bouts against Ric Flair and Randy Savage. Still, shades of The Game’s future self were evident — especially after he was pinned by The Dragon and reacted by sending him shoulder first into the steel ring post.

As flawless as he could be, Triple H never came off like a spiritual successor to The Dragon, but the two Superstars would’ve made for perfect adversaries in their primes. Had this bout featured the immaculate, agile Steamboat of 1987 against the focused, unforgiving Triple H of 2001, then there would be a lot more debate about which of The Dragon’s technical showpieces was his finest.