10 dream matches that actually happened

Bret Hart vs. Hulk Hogan: Nitro (Sept. 28, 1998)

On a Mount Rushmore of great WWE heroes, Hulk Hogan and Bret “Hit Man” Hart would be butting heads alongside “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Bruno Sammartino. It might come as a surprise then that the two Superstars who dominated the WWE Title picture for much of the early ’90s never actually squared off in a WWE ring.

A match between the two WWE Hall of Famers could’ve easily headlined a WrestleMania — and, according to Hart, nearly main evented SummerSlam 1993. Instead, it was offered up for free on the Sept. 28, 1998, edition of WCW’s Nitro in a major grab for viewers during the ongoing Monday Night War. The bold move seemingly paid off as Nitro edged out Raw in the Nielsen’s that night, but it proved to be shortsighted as WCW lost all but one ratings battle from then on.

As for “Hit Man” and The Hulkster? They never met in singles action again.