10 actors you didn't know were wrestlers

Tyler Mane

In a peculiar twist to the familiar narrative of famous grapplers trying their hand at acting, Tyler Mane started out as an overlooked wrestler, but gained significantly more success as an actor in his post-ring career.

After competing in Japan, Mane arrived in WCW during November 1989 as the towering Nitron, an associate of the tag team of Ron Simmons & Butch Reed known as Doom. The imposing 6-foot-9 bodyguard soon left to compete in Puerto Rico, but returned in 1993 as Big Sky, a new tag team partner for Vinnie Vegas. Although the team took on legendary stars like Ricky Steamboat, Sting and The British Bulldog, they disbanded later that year and Mane hung up the boots for good three years later.

Watch Mane as Big Sky battling Sting on WCW Saturday Night

Trying his hand at the silver screen, Mane landed roles in “Joe Dirt,” “The Scorpion King” and other flicks. But Mane really turned heads with his turns as Sabretooth in “X-Men” and as the new Michael Myers in the “Halloween” remake and its subsequent sequel.