Classic factions reborn

The Flock

During the late 1990s, one of WCW’s most prominent factions was Raven’s Flock. The group was made of up a rag-tag collection of competitors including Saturn, Kidman, Scotty Riggs, Kanyon, Stevie Richards, Reese, Lodi, Sick Boy, Van Hammer and Horace. Each member of the group was looking for respect in an organization entrenched in battle with The New World Order. The Flock’s leader, Raven, was the most vocal of the faction, demanding his own personal respect by exclaiming: “What about me? What about Raven?”

Since becoming WWE Champion, CM Punk has felt that he is not being shown the level of respect he deserves as champion. Just as Raven felt WCW’s war with The nWo outshined himself and his Flock, The Second City Saint feels that he’s overshadowed by The Rock and John Cena.

Citing lack of respect as a motivation, a number of Superstars would no doubt follow the WWE Champion’s lead — competitors who rarely compete on Raw or SmackDown but are highly regarded by the WWE Universe. Curt Hawkins, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater fit perfectly into the creed of The Flock. Another particular standout is Tyson Kidd, who delighted the WWE Universe at Money in the Bank with his raw athleticism, yet has not been given any title opportunities. If Punk is Raven’s counterpart, then Kidd is undoubtedly Perry Saturn — Raven’s closest ally who eventually broke free of The Flock to find his own success.

Kaitlyn’s acceptance into The Flock comes as she demands more respect for her abilities. The WWE NXT season three winner had a Divas Title opportunity stolen from her at Night of Champions when she was attacked backstage — an ultimate show of disrespect. 

Certainly, The Flock can soar once more, only this time the question becomes: “What about me? What about CM Punk?”