Classic factions reborn

The Ministry of Darkness

Darkness once reigned supreme in WWE when The Undertaker channeled the forces of evil and formed The Ministry during the late 1990s. If The Deadman were once again to employ the forces of evil to impose his will over WWE, there are a number of Superstars he could recruit to make a revived Ministry unstoppable.

Initially, The Phenom need not look further than his own brother, Kane. Channeling The Big Red Monster’s anger and reforming it into the hatred that truly boils inside of him, The Undertaker’s most powerful ally is his own kin. Their relationship has been rocky at times, but Kane has nothing left to prove to The Deadman and together once more, The Brothers of Destruction would change WWE forever.

The Deadman’s original Ministry sought out competitors looking for guidance on the path to success. Often times, The Undertaker abducted these Superstars and converted them to follow the beliefs of his evil faction. The same could happen to a number of competitors today. Both Tensai and Mark Henry would be able to unleash their inner fury in ways that were previously unheard of. With The Undertaker’s dark influences, the larger-than-life Superstars could be virtually unstoppable.

Yoshi Tatsu has displayed a dark side before. When embroiled in a rivalry with Tyson Kidd on WWE NXT, the high-spirited Japanese Superstar briefly took on a more serious persona, painting half of his face and defending his own honor. For Tatsu in the Ministry, the question remains: Would he have to be brainwashed, or join of his own free will?

Yet the Ministry cannot be contained by the forces of darkness alone. A strong-willed woman would balance the inner rage of many members and serve as queen. Aksana has a penchant for involving herself with men in power, and the Lithuanian beauty would be the perfect candidate to rule alongside the revived Ministry of Darkness.