10 years The Champ: John Cena reflects on his decade at WWE

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June 27, 2012

WWE.com: So, it has been 10 years since your WWE debut on SmackDown, when you faced Kurt Angle. What are some of the things you look back on from that night, stepping through the curtain for the first time and having that match?

JOHN CENA: Literally, I just needed to get through the curtain. I was in shambles that whole day. First, I was told I was going to have a match at 4:00 that afternoon. Then, I was told that I needed to get my hair cut, and I was sent offsite to get that done. I made it back just in time, and everyone was flipping their lid. Randy Orton had tied my boots to a locker in the Allstate Arena [laughs], and basically, I had a giant smile on my face when I got to go through the curtain … because I knew I could no longer be messed with [laughs]. (WATCH: CENA'S ENTIRE DEBUT MATCH)

WWE.com: We know you prefer looking to the future than talking about the past, but what are some of the moments that most spring to mind when you look back on 10 years as a WWE Superstar?

CENA: To be honest … being able to say that I make a living doing this has been the greatest experience in these 10 years. It’s pretty spectacular.

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