Bring it Back!: Tuesday Night Titans

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December 18, 2012

The incendiary interviews weren’t the only segments that stood out on Tuesday Night Titans. In fact, a major reason why WWE Classics wants the Tuesday night talk show to return is because of the wild unpredictability and hilarious skits that were featured each week. (PHOTOS | VIDEO PLAYLIST)

On the very first episode, the wedding of Paul “Butcher” Vachon and his lady love Ophelia was broadcast, becoming the first televised wedding in sports-entertainment history. Typically, WWE weddings quickly degrade into something not as romantic as originally intended. Look no further than Tuesday Night Titans as the precedent for erratic sports-entertainment nuptials.

The wedding itself was a chaotic affair — a verbal spat between Vachon and “Classy” Freddie Blassie and an objection from Captain Lou Albano almost ended the wedding — but nonetheless, Vachon and Ophelia exchanged vows.

At the reception, though, “Dr. D” Dave Schultz felt the need to offer his opinions to the bride and groom. After Schultz’s rant about his primitive views on men and women, the celebration continued with the cake cutting. When the blushing bride revealed she did not like cake, Schultz once again took issue with her and proceeded to shove a pie in her face. Vachon retaliated by throwing a pie back at the loud-mouthed grappler. From there, the wedding reception turned into a full-on food fight with both Mr. McMahon and Lord Alfred Hayes taking pies to the face.

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