Bring it Back!: Shotgun Saturday Night

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August 15, 2012

Terry Funk and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin brawl in a bar during Shotgun Saturday Night.

Shotgun Saturday Night exposed regular people to the outrageous, colorful characters that are the WWE Superstars and Divas. Though they were probably used to guys creeping on them, there’s no way the dancers at Webster Hall could have been prepared for the advances of Mankind, the most unstable of Mick Foley’s alter egos. The lovely ladies looked extremely uneasy as the leather-faced maniac approached. Thankfully, Bret “Hit Man” Hart came to the rescue, forcing Mankind to the ring for their bout, where he made him submit to The Sharpshooter.

And when the 1997 Royal Rumble took place in San Antonio, Shotgun Saturday Night ventured out of the city that never sleeps, into the Lone Star State for a special episode. The rowdy crowd that packed the Denim & Diamonds bar was shocked to see Terry Funk climb into the squared circle. Funk rode down from his Double Cross Ranch in Amarillo, Texas, looking to start the Rumble one night early. He challenged anyone and everyone, including interviewer Todd Pettengill. When it looked like no one would step up, a Texas Rattlesnake slithered into the ring.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin went toe toe-to-toe with Funk, with the WWE Hall of Famer slapping him right across the face. That set off a minor scuffle, that looked to be broken up when WWE officials intervened.

Funk, however, came to fight, and no one was going to stop him from accomplishing that. During Austin’s match against Goldust, the middle-aged and crazy brawler climbed into the ring and began pummeling Austin in plain sight of the official, who threw out the bout. Not long after the bell rang, every Superstar in the building hit the ring, setting off a barroom brawl the likes of which have never been seen since. Austin and Funk broke away from the fracas, taking the fight behind the bar, brawling into the beer tap as the show went off the air. (WATCH)

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