The bitter history between Big Show and Triple H

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November 04, 2013

Survivor Series 1999: Big Show wins the WWE Title

In fall 1999, Big Show was going through a bit of a rough patch. Grieving over the loss of his father, The World’s Largest Athlete had to deal with the merciless mocking of The Big Boss Man. He got his retribution at Survivor Series, but it would pale in comparison to  the opportunity of a lifetime.

After “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was run over by a car, a spot opened in the WWE Championship Triple Threat Match. The opportunity went to Big Show, who took full advantage of the massive break.

The giant battered WWE Champion Triple H and The Rock all over Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena. All three competitors had to deal with the meddling of D-Generation X, who were trying to keep the title around The Game’s waist. Unfortunately, Mr. McMahon was dead set on having a new champion. The WWE Chairman clocked Triple H in the head with the title, giving Big Show an opening to hit his trademark chokeslam and win his first WWE Championship. Though the moment was huge for The World’s Largest Athlete, he had made a major enemy. 

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