Barrier-breakers: African-Americans who changed the game

Bobo Brazil

Following the success of Luther Lindsay and Bearcat Wright, Bobo Brazil emerged soon after as a true national star. Though Lindsay came close, Bobo made history by defeating Buddy Rogers to become the first black man to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

“Bobo was generally regarded as a real good guy,” Jim Ross said. “He was a big guy, great big personality, great charisma. The kind of guy you’d have no issue liking no matter what his skin color was. He really paved the way for a lot of black men to work in main events.”

Booker T acknowledged the influence Bobo had on him. “Bobo Brazil definitely was a groundbreaker,” the SmackDown General Manager said. “He paved the way for guys such as myself who saw Bobo do it the way he wanted to do it.”

In 1994, Bobo broke another barrier when he earned his rightful place as the first African-American competitor to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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