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March 28, 2013

Haku takes a bite out of crime

Haku has the reputation of being, perhaps, the toughest man to step in the ring. Just the mention of his name would send a chill up the spine of his foes, and some of his friends, too. Stories have been told about the poor saps who dared to cross the dangerous Tongan. Some seem too barbaric to be true. But a tale told to by Kevin Sullivan, who traveled with Meng during their WCW days, made us think twice about questioning anything we’ve heard.

It all started out innocently, with Sullivan and Haku searching for a place to grab a six-pack to take back to their hotel. With all of the area liquor stores closed, they headed to the nearest tavern to buy some brewskis.

“There was a guy in there that was playing pool,” Sullivan said. “We weren’t locals, so he saw us and called Meng a real derogatory word that you shouldn’t use.”

That’s when things took a turn for the unbelievable.

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“The next thing I know is that Meng goozles the guy like Mr. Spock,” Sullivan said. “It was fast and furious. He then grabbed another guy who tried to get involved and knocked him unconscious.”

Sullivan still can’t believe what he saw next.

“Meng bit through the guy’s shirt like a wolf, bit a chunk out of the guy’s back, then spit it on the floor,” he said. “I said, ‘It’s time to go.’ ”

Sullivan and Meng raced out of the bar. As they drove away, they could see the flashing lights of cop cars pulling into the tavern in the rearview mirror. Sullivan had an idea of what the officers might be thinking when they surveyed the scene.

“I’m sure that when they saw what happened, they thought, ‘Well, we can go and chase whatever’s in that car,’ ” he said. “ ‘Or maybe we don’t want to catch what’s in that car.’ ”


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