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March 28, 2013

Dr. Death and Rick Steiner save people from a burning car

Cowboy Bill Watts’ Mid-South Wrestling had the reputation of being a tough guy’s territory, touring through hardened towns in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas. Bar fights were not uncommon, as drunkards sought to prove they were tougher than the wrestlers. But the story former Mid-South announcer Jim Ross recalled most easily didn’t take place in a dank saloon in the backwoods of Mississippi. It was on the side of a highway outside Alexandria, La.

‘Dr. Death’ Steve Williams and Rick Steiner were riding together,” Ross began. “And they came upon a serious car wreck.”

The vehicle had caught fire, with the driver and passengers still inside. A crowd of people were struggling to get them out before the car exploded, but were unable to get the door open.

“The people were signaling that they were going to burn alive,” Ross recalled.

What no one had counted on were two massive, world-class athletes coming to the rescue, but that’s exactly what happened. Williams and Steiner pulled over and rushed to the vehicle. What happened next was a feat of strength so unbelievable, people still talk about it to this day.

“Doc and Rick physically ripped the door off and dragged the victims out of the car,” Ross said. “They got them far enough away from it, so when it finally exploded, no one was injured from the blast.”

While this tale is quite different from the ones of wrestlers clearing out bars, Ross’ reverence made it clear that it deserved recognition.

“To put your own life on the line, to show extraordinary courage and strength to save lives is a sign of the ultimate tough guy,” the WWE Hall of Famer said.

Watch Rick Steiner in action

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