8 most unbelievable Hardcore Championship Matches

#7 Road Dogg vs. Al Snow: Raw, Jan. 4, 1999

The WWE Universe took a greater interest in the Hardcore Title when crowd favorite Road Dogg became champion, and began fighting competitors with a reputation for the extreme like Al Snow. During the same edition of Raw in which Mick Foley famously won the WWE Championship, The D-O-Double-G defended against The Head-Toting Superstar in a match that set the tone for future Hardcore Title brawls.

Watch Road Dogg and Al Snow battle outside in an actual snowstorm

The DX- and JOB-Squad member battled through the bowels of the Worcester Centrum and into the cold Massachusetts air in the midst of a winter blizzard. Living up to his name, Snow was battered with a snow shovel as he brawled with The Road Dogg on snowy concrete. The champion finally ended the chilly contest with a piledriver through a snowflake-covered wooden board, but it wouldn’t be long before the demented ECW stalwart became Hardcore Champion himself.

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