8 most unbelievable Hardcore Championship Matches

#8 The Rock vs. Kurt Angle vs. Big Show: Raw, Feb. 26, 2001

One night after No Way Out in 2001, The Road to WrestleMania was officially underway. The Rock had just won the WWE Championship, and what better way to celebrate than for The Great One to compete in his very first Hardcore Championship Match? The bout was set as a Triple Threat encounter against reigning champion Big Show and The Rock’s rival, Kurt Angle.

Watch The Rock's only Hardcore Championship Match descend into absolute anarchy

The Raw main event was a brutal and wild affair, but just as the action was reaching its zenith, a gagglel of Superstars entered the ring to take advantage of the title’s 24/7 rule. Brawling with Big Show en route to the backstage area, Billy Gunn, Hardcore Holly, Steve Blackman, Essa Rios and Crash Holly were all manhandled by The World’s Largest Athlete. Meanwhile, the chaotic atmosphere was exacerbated by Angle, Perry Saturn and Albert, who were all triple-teaming The Rock back in the ring. Finally, Big Show fended off the attack by nearly the entire roster by pinning Rios against the wall backstage. Who knew you could win a match that way?

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