The 20 Smartest Superstars in History

#18 Dean Douglas

Like the sound of nails on a chalkboard, the dastardly Dean Douglas grated on the nerves of the WWE Universe during his brief enrollment in 1995.

A tough grader, Douglas often hijacked WWE broadcasts to hand out report cards, rating Superstars on their performance. His grading rubric is still quite confusing. During his tenure, he handed out marks of “E,” “N” and “IU.” What that translates to in terms of GPA has even the keenest members of’s staff baffled.

Shaky grading system aside, Dean Douglas was crafty inside the ring, racking up victory after victory, quickly propelling himself to an opportunity at Shawn Michaels’ Intercontinental Title. Douglas did his research before the bout, knowing that when Michaels was unable to compete due to injury, he would be declared champion via forfeit. What he didn’t count on was being forced to defend the championship immediately. Razor Ramon defeated the snide Dean, who was expelled from WWE shortly after. (WATCH: DEAN DOUGLAS GRADES WWE)