20 shocking discoveries in WWE history

Married to the man of Stephanie McMahon’s nightmares?

With their family and friends joining them on the ring apron, Test and Stephanie McMahon prepared to exchange wedding vows during Raw on Nov. 29, 1999. But before the two lovebirds could live happily ever after, their minister suggested that anyone who objected to the proceedings should speak now or forever hold their peace.

Triple H decided to accept the minister’s invitation by playing a wedding video of his own that needed to be seen by the WWE Universe to be believed.

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In fact, the video revealed The Game had already brought the bride-to-be to a drive thru wedding chapel in Las Vegas for an impromptu nuptial ceremony, thus designating Triple H as Stephanie’s lawfully wedded husband. While the tactics in which WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon received a new son-in-law did not go over well with the family patriarch, the end result left Stephanie comfortable in the knowledge that her wedding to Triple H was legit. And, given that the unlikely pairing remain married to this day, it’s clear that this shocking story ultimately wound up with a happy ending.