20 shocking discoveries in WWE history

The wheelman that ran down “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

WWE commissioner Mick Foley arrived at ringside during Raw on Oct. 9, 2000, to solve a mystery that vexed the WWE Universe for nearly a year: Who knocked “Stone Cold” Steve Austin out of action with a car during Survivor Series 1999?

Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy conceded that WWE Champion The Rock, despite plenty of evidence implicating The People’s Champion, did not do the deed. However, he did accuse Rikishi of committing the crime — and the Samoan Superstar immediately accepted responsibility.

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“I did it for The Rock,” Rikishi said, confessing that he ran down Austin to clear The Brahma Bull’s path to greatness in WWE.

The capacity crowd’s cheers for the big man, who became beloved by fans worldwide for his connections to the Anoa’i family and his penchant for post-match dance parties, quickly devolved into vitriolic chants. With one confession, Rikishi became Public Enemy No. 1 in the eyes of the WWE Universe as well as Austin, who extracted revenge in his return to the ring just two weeks later at No Mercy 2000.