20 Outfits That Made a Statement

#20 Ric Flair at WrestleMania XXIV

In the months leading up to WrestleMania XXIV, it was fight or flight for Ric Flair. Mr. McMahon gave Flair an ultimatum for every match he took part in: win and your career continues, lose and you have to retire. With no desire to hang up his boots, “The Nature Boy” faced the best WWE had to offer and soon issued a challenge to Shawn Michaels for The Show of Shows.

One night after his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, Flair faced the toughest battle of his career. He had all eyes on him in Orlando, Fla.’s Citrus Bowl, and not just because of the magnitude of the match. “The Nature Boy” walked that aisle in one of the flashiest robes in sports-entertainment history.

A dark blue robe, which looked to be adorned with more feathers than all of Flair’s previous robes combined, made “The Nature Boy” stand out. When he got in the ring, he stood in the center and spread his arms out. Sequined wings flowed from under his outstretched arms, reflecting the lights of WrestleMania and the flash bulbs of the WWE Universe. Though he lost that match and retired (WATCH), on that night, Ric Flair shined like never before.