15 Superstars you forgot existed


Footage of Key in WWE is harder to find than the rare white elephant, which is unfortunate when considering the obvious talents of this extremely mobile 6-foot-4, 315-pounder. First emerging from the crowd during a heated brawl between Droz & Prince Albert and The Godfather & Val Venis on the July 26, 1999, episode of Raw, Key immediately aligned himself with the so-called “Pierced Pals.” The alternative trio made for a wild bunch — as witnessed in their dominant Six-Man Tag Team Match on Aug. 14, 1999’s Shotgun Saturday Night — but fell apart before the summer was through. Key was never seen again, which seems odd considering he was a bug ugly monster who dressed in all white from head to toe. — RYAN MURPHY

Watch the monstrous Key's only in-ring appearance